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The European Cup is still postponed, within most people's expectations.


If this season's club competition ends here, it is basically a result that no one wants to see. On the one hand, there are all kinds of contradictions about championship ownership, European seats and promotion and relegation, and no one will accept it until the end of the game; on the other hand, if the broadcasting rights and sponsorship costs are greatly reduced, the financially stressed clubs can only count on the boss to pay. It may even face bankruptcy.


Not to mention, this year's European Cup is still a large-scale mobile event jointly hosted by 12 cities in 11 countries. Even if the European epidemic improves in the next few months, this large-scale movement of people may still make the virus come back.


Therefore, almost all sports media in the world have previously predicted that the European Cup will be changed to 2021. UEFA struggled for many days and held a lot of video conferences, and finally made this choice.


But the announcement of the postponement is only the beginning, and there are still a series of issues waiting to be resolved by UEFA and other parties.


In the face of life, football may be nothing at all. But it is undeniable that even if the European Cup is postponed for one year, it will still bring huge economic losses to all parties.


The first is the issue of ticket refunds. UEFA has officially announced that the tickets that have been purchased can be used next year, and if they cannot come to watch the 2021 event, they can be refunded in full. However, in the case of short supply, the tickets for this European Cup were purchased by lottery. Therefore, many fans have increased their prices to buy their favorite games. If the tickets are refunded, this part of the loss will naturally be irreparable. Whether next year's ticket sales will be affected by the sequelae of the epidemic is still unknown.


The second is the contractual issue of broadcasting rights. UEFA’s contracts with various broadcasters are basically signed every three years, so postponing until next year will theoretically not cause disputes over ownership. But at this point in time, broadcasters in various countries have already formulated sales plans for the European Cup and have even completed most of them, and the trouble caused by the delay is just beginning.

第二个是广播权的合同问题。 UEFA与各种广播公司的合同基本上每三年签订一次,因此从理论上讲,推迟到明年不会引起所有权争议。但是此时,各国广播公司已经制定了欧洲杯的销售计划,甚至已经完成了大部分,而延误带来的麻烦才刚刚开始。

Finally, there is the issue of sponsor rights. Currently, there are 6 top sponsors for UEFA national team competitions. Except for Azerbaijan Petroleum, which started cooperation in 2013, and Hisense, which started cooperation in the 2016 European Cup, the other four Alipay, Booking, FedEx and Volkswagen are all signed in 2018. Contracts. The European Cup in 2020 should have been the first major event in which they honored their sponsorship rights. In addition, there are three single event sponsors for the European Cup, including Coca-Cola.

最后,还有发起人权利的问题。目前,欧足联国家队比赛有6个顶级赞助商。除2013年开始合作的阿塞拜疆石油公司和2016年开始合作的海信公司外,其他四个支付宝,Booking,FedEx和大众汽车均在2018年签署。合同。 2020年的欧洲杯本来应该是他们捍卫赞助权的第一场重大赛事。此外,欧洲杯有3个单项赛事赞助商,包括可口可乐。

In the 2016 European Cup, the amount of sponsorship received by UEFA was close to 500 million euros. In 2020, it will definitely be a lot more. These sponsors have invested a lot of money, and they must have done the corresponding brand promotion and sales plans. The extension may have a huge impact on the overall strategy of some companies. It is not ruled out that renegotiating the sponsorship amount with UEFA or even going to court may.


Taking Booking as an example, many people have already booked accommodation for watching football in the summer on this UEFA-designated hotel booking platform. Last week, UEFA itself has cancelled all hotel bookings for June and July booked through Booking, but the current force majeure clauses on the platform are still only for a few epidemic areas such as Italy.


Who will prove if the order was cancelled because of the European Cup? Are those non-cancellable hotels willing to refund? Booking probably never imagined that its large-scale sponsorship would cause such a huge trouble. No one knows whether this trouble will affect other sponsors of major sports events in the future.

谁能证明订单是否因为欧洲杯而被取消?那些不可取消的酒店愿意退款吗? Booking可能从未想过它的大规模赞助会造成如此大的麻烦。没有人知道这种麻烦将来是否会影响其他大型体育赛事的赞助商。

Therefore, you will see the news that "UEFA plans to demand 300 million euros in compensation from its leagues and clubs."

因此,您会看到“ UEFA计划要求其联赛和俱乐部赔偿3亿欧元”的消息。

Because, the economic loss to UEFA caused by the one-year extension of the European Cup is conservatively estimated at least 1 billion euros. And they postponed the European Cup in order to protect the club competition.


Speaking of it, UEFA and FIFA have been fighting over interests for some years. The former came up with a UEFA Europa League, just to get more points on the national team's cake from FIFA, and the Confederations Cup was abandoned. The latter has created a new Club World Cup and wants to divide UEFA’s most precious UEFA Champions League and other club events.


However, the European Cup (and the America's Cup) was postponed to next year, and it collided with the first New World Club Cup that was originally planned to be held in China.


Frontal rigidity is impossible. If the competition really conflicts, there is a high probability that the national football team will participate in the European Cup and the Copa America. The New World Club Cup, which FIFA has spent a lot of money to build, becomes a stage for benches and youth training teenagers. The attraction to fans may even be international champions. The cup is not as good.


Therefore, FIFA President Infantino almost immediately stated that he would discuss with the host country China to postpone the Club World Cup. The next day, the official announcement news came.


But the question is where will it be postponed?


Change to the winter of 2021, not to mention whether the winter in China is suitable for playing football, the European Cup + Club World Cup within a year, players will be exhausted.


Change to the summer of 2022, anyway, the Qatar World Cup will definitely be in the winter, or within a year of the Club World Cup + World Cup, players will still be exhausted.


Change to the summer of 2023, the same host country at the same time, and an Asian Cup.


It is impossible to give up, there are always people who will be exhausted.


Under normal circumstances, although the contract length of professional players in the country where the New Year's Eve season is located varies, the end date is June 30 of a certain year.


If the European epidemic cannot be alleviated in the next short period of time, the league and the European war may be played until July-August this year after the reopening of the league. This brings up a very difficult question: what about the contracts that expire on June 30 this year? Wait until July, maybe there will be all kinds of strange problems like "Why can't my newly signed free agent be used" and "We have broken up".


Give a few examples. If (I mean if) William has previously signed a new contract with Liverpool that will take effect on July 1, 2020, which club will he play for? The reverse is also true. If Lallana has already signed Chelsea in advance, can he play a farewell match in the Reds?


In addition, there has been a lot of news now that Paris defender Mounier has signed with Dortmund and will transfer freely in the summer window. What if he is still playing in the Champions League in July and he refuses to play for Paris?


Chaos into a pot of porridge.


Do you think it can be solved only by the next notice from FIFA and UEFA? In fact, it is much more complicated than this.


The solution now proposed is to temporarily allow a short-term contract signed once a week after the contract expires this season. But this can't solve all the problems. What if some players on the teams that are under great pressure on the performance are not willing to sign short contracts? What should I do if the price starts?


An agent has already expressed his opinion that whoever gives my player a short appointment for a week, I will tell him to get out. For at least four years, otherwise I will not talk.


FIFA alone is certainly not enough and may require legal assistance from governments.


Of course, the best result of avoiding the above contract issues is that Europe can control the epidemic in the next one or two months. National leagues and European wars will definitely seize the time to finish the empty field in June to minimize the loss of the entire European football scene. This is also the purpose of the European Cup postponement.


But there are still two problems.


One is that the competition schedule is highly compressed, even if the Champions League is really changed to a single elimination, a consecutive week of double matches will definitely be indispensable, and even closer. Tired is affirmative. In addition, higher self-discipline requirements are put forward for players currently isolated at home. If personal training is relaxed, the probability of physical problems and the risk of injury will be greatly increased.


The second is that the best solutions mentioned above are all based on Europe's ability to quickly control the development of the epidemic. Otherwise, the trouble will only increase, and the financial pressures of the club and UEFA will be even worse.


And based on what we have seen so far and our previous experience in fighting the epidemic... the situation is not optimistic.


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