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yabo亚搏手机版app|PP专家预测小组赛成绩出炉:邱业锦后来居上夺冠 董路并列次席
名称:yabo亚搏手机版app|PP专家预测小组赛成绩出炉:邱业锦后来居上夺冠 董路并列次席

On the evening of the 28th, after the 14th round of the Super League, the first stage of the group stage ended, and the quiz results of the PP sports expert team were released. Following the magical all-in-one performance in the last round, PP Sports reporter Qiu Yejin made persistent efforts in this round, guessing 5 games in a single round, and finally won the group stage championship. And the well-known commentators Dong Lu and Shao Xuan, who had been leading before, finally tied for second place.

28日晚,中超联赛第14轮结束后,小组赛的第一阶段结束,PP体育专家小组的测验结果发布了。继上一轮魔术般的多合一表现后,PP Sports记者邱业金在本轮比赛中坚持不懈地努力,在单轮比赛中猜出5场比赛,最终获得团体赛冠军。之前一直领先的著名评论员董露和邵璇最终并列第二。

In the last round, there were not many suspenseful games. However, Luneng drew with R&F, Chongqing defeated SIPG, and TEDA drew with Zall. The results of these three games were somewhat surprising. Judging from the predictions of experts, the single-round champion belongs to Yuan Jia. He guessed 6 games. The two wrong guesses were Luneng's draw with R&F and TEDA with Zall. The single-round runner-up is Qiu Yejin and Tang Xing, both of whom have guessed the results of five games. With this round's record, Qiu Yejin won the championship, while Tang Xing succeeded in the fourth place, finishing fourth in the total score.


This season, since the first round of the group stage, Dong Lu and Shao Xuan have been among the top three in the prediction list. Since then, Dong Lu has been the leader for a long time, once the advantage was quite obvious, but in the final rounds of the final battle, Shao Xuan, who has been following Dong Lu, quietly tied, and the forecast list showed a pattern of two people running side by side and leading hand in hand. . With the last two rounds remaining, the situation is relatively clear: the champion will be between Dong Lu and Shao Xuan. Unexpectedly, the situation in the last two rounds changed suddenly. Qiu Yejin, a PP sports reporter who had been ranked in the upper and middle reaches of the time, suddenly exerted his strength. In the last round of the fierce competition in the four wars, Qiu Yejin was incredibly hit by all the results of the game, not only won. When the round of champions, but also climbed to the first place in a tie. In the 14th round of predictions, Qiu Yejin hit 5 games, Shao Xuan hit 3 games, and Dong Lu hit 4 games. In the end, Qiu Yejin hit 63 games in 112 games and won the group stage championship. His shooting percentage reached 56. %. Shao Xuan and Dong Lu also scored 61, with 54% shooting.

这个赛季,自小组赛第一轮以来,董露和邵轩一直位列预测榜的前三名。此后,Dong Lu长期以来一直是领导者,一旦优势非常明显,但在最后一战的最后几轮中,一直追随Dong Lu的Shao Xuan悄然并列,并且预测清单显示两人并排运行,并肩并肩领导的无缝模式。 。yabo亚搏手机版app剩下的最后两轮比赛,情况就比较清楚了:冠军将在董露和邵轩之间。出乎意料的是,最近两轮的局势突然改变了。 PP体育记者邱业进曾在当时的中上游排名,突然发挥了自己的力量。在四场战争的激烈竞争的最后一轮中,邱业金不仅赢得了比赛,而且所有比赛结果都难以置信地打击了他。当一轮冠军时,也以并列榜首攀升。在第14轮预测中,邱业金打了5场比赛,邵轩打了3场比赛,董鲁打了4场。最终,邱业金在112场比赛中打了63场比赛,获得了小组赛冠军。他的命中率达到56.%。邵轩和董露也得分61,命中率54%。

Earlier, the four battles on the forecast list were extremely fierce, with three people going hand in hand, and two others only one game behind them. In the final round of competition, Tang Xing had the last laugh and finished fourth by hitting 58 games. Pan Chong and Sun Rui both hit 57 games and tied for fifth. Yuan Ye, Yuan Jia and Li Yi all hits. 56 games, tied for seventh. This also means that in a total of 112 games, there are 5 players with a total field goal percentage of more than 50%.

早些时候,预测列表中的四场战斗非常激烈,三人齐头并进,另外两人仅落后一局。在最后一轮的比赛中,唐星笑到了最后,以58场比赛名列第四。潘冲和孙睿都打了57场比赛并列第五。袁野,袁佳和李怡都来了。 56场比赛,并列第七。这也意味着在总共112场比赛中,有5位球员的总投篮命中率超过50%。

In the competition for the bottom of the list, Wang Minghao and Xiao Zhe, who had been at the bottom of the list, were ranked first and second. Among them, Wang Minghao was ranked 50th, and Xiao Zhe was ranked 48th. The latter became the only one among the 16 experts. There is no one who has reached 50 in the midfield. The third from the bottom has a larger number of people. Liu Huan, Liu Teng, Li Xin and Liu Chang, who had been on a par before, all guessed 4 games this round, and their total scores were all 52. Tang Yirong did not perform well in this round. Hit 2 games, so her total score is 52, these five tied for third from the bottom.


(Special Author Fang Heng)


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